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Ramadan is fun? - consumption of the Muslim population ...

Muslim-friendly KOMATSU / Komatsu Homepage Ramadan is fun? - consumption patterns of the Muslim population and the Ramadan period to increase Eye of a general trading company, now the world is moving this way It still unfamiliar Islam in Japan, the world is home to a large number of believers, received the foreign visitors increase, etc., it has been an increasing number of scenes that see the tourists of the Muslim (Muslim). This month than daily, for Ramadan begins is an important season for Islam, this is the Islam of the spread in the world the opportunity, I would like to confirm the consumption pattern of the Ramadan period. (note) First of all, is a population of Muslims, according to a survey by the US think tank Pew Research Center, about the accounts of the world's population at the time of 2.0 years, there is a believer second only to Christianity. Then, in 00 years about two reached, which is expected to be almost aligned with the Christian faith's number. In addition, and say [Islam], because it originated in the Arabian Peninsula, it may be easy to have the image of religion in the Middle East.

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